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Solid Colour Photography Backdrops

Backdrop - Solid Colour Photography Backdrops

Dropz Backdrops Australia


Made in Melbourne, Australia
** Colour codes and colour charts are  to be used as a guide only
We recommend that you order a small A4 printed sample first to check that the quality and also the colour is suitable for your needs so that any adjustments to colour codes can be made prior to ordering a full size backdrop - the media we print on is a coated media type in cmyk ink format. 

      Need help? 

      • Contact Us directly if you need any assistance. We are here to help with any questions you may have via phone, email, sms or Facebook messenger

      Color & Print Quality

      • We offer a small sized printed sample for every backdrop design that we sell. Samples in A4 size are available for you to purchase on each product page. 


      • If you need to accurately match a certain colour, please provide us with a printed sample of the colour so we can match it visually with the most accuracy for you or purchase a printed sample as colour codes will appear different when printed on various media types.
      • Our equipment is professionally colour calibrated in line with the required colour matching recommendations by the manufacturer of our equipment.
      • We can not achieve 100% print colour accuracy using colour codes - as this is variable based on the equipment, ink type, media type - coated, un-coated, paper, vinyl, etc - please order a small printed colour chart or sample first so that we can achieve the best possible colour match for your needs - no refunds, returns or exchanges are given if you fail to read this information and don’t order a sample first to check the colour for your own needs.
      • Colours may appear differently based on many variables such as tablet/phone/ monitor / computer colour settings, colour profiling in computer software, your own eyes show colour differently, looking through a camera lens, a printed photograph or video, editing and post production, lighting, camera settings, etc all affect the appearance of colour.
      • Backdrop designs are intended for use as a background. To add texture, color, style and enhance the look of your overall photograph or display.
      • They are not designed for close up viewing or inspection. The design will appear visually correct for the intended background use of the backdrop when you stand further back.
      • The colors, appearance & overall perception of the backdrop design will vary on your monitor, when looking through the camera, printed as a photograph, & when standing in front of it using your own eyes. They are designed & made with the printed photograph in mind as being the preferred outcome.
      • When viewed as a small image on your monitor, the printed backdrop you receive is much larger therefore some of the smaller details in the design, shading, texture, etc that you may not see on our website or your screen will become visible on the printed backdrop.
      • Because we cannot control the appearance of colors on a customer's computer monitor, we cannot guarantee that the actual printed colour or design will precisely match any preview as it appears on your monitor, mobile phone or tablet device. No refunds or returns will be given for colour differences or designs that are not as expected which is why we recommend you order a printed sample to check the colour first.