Commonly Asked Questions about Dropz Backdrops


We are an Australian owned & operated family business and commercial wide format printing company in Melbourne, Victoria. We specialise in premium quality photography, event and videography backdrops using an exclusively designed heavy duty thick matte vinyl.


  • Q: Where are you located? Can I pick up my order the same day?

Our backdrops are printed by us locally in our South East Melbourne studio.

Yes, you can pick up your order the same day or next day using our Rush Order service that you can select on the checkout page when completing your order - please contact us before placing your order to check and confirm that we can make this arrangement with you and print on the same day. Business days only..


  • Q: Where do you print your backdrops? Are they printed overseas?

NO - we do not print overseas.  We design it, we print it, and we ship it - all from the one location here in our Melbourne studio. Each order is custom made to suit your needs and freshly printed.

 Please be mindful of other Australian backdrop suppliers who print overseas and post from an Australian location. Their delivery times can take 6 weeks or more, shipping costs are high and you may have issues with returns - lengthy delays & costs dealing with an overseas printer.

  • Q: Do you post it rolled up in a tube?

Yes, we post them rolled up in a mailing tube that also acts as a storage tube.

Our backdrops are too thick to be folded.

  • Q: How long will it take to receive my order? 

We print most orders within a couple of days and post via courier on the next business day. Please refer to our shipping page for more information on our courier options & estimated delivery times, we also offer an express courier service that we can quote you for.

  • Q: What are your backdrops made out of?  

Our backdrops are made using our own exclusively formulated vinyl media that you won't find anywhere else. It is really thick and made to last - 700gsm. 

It features a low glare textured matte surface, water resistant, easy to rinse off and wipe clean. You won't have to worry about creases when you keep it stored in the tube provided.

Our vinyl won't curl up on the edges like the thinner types you may find elsewhere.

  • Q: Will I have a problem with unwanted glare & reflections from bright lighting or when using a camera flash?

The last thing you want to see in your photographs, are nasty hotspots, glare and reflections that can ruin your image and be very distracting. This can be an editing nightmare for professionals!

Our media is manufactured for the purpose of photography to eliminate most of the harsh annoying glare & reflections caused by event lighting, studio strobes, and when using a camera flash. It has a matte surface to absorb the light.

Some darker prints and solid black for example will have a little glare that can be avoided by adjusting the position of your backdrop in the light or adjusting your lighting equipment position to eliminate any glare.

  • Q: What happens if my order is lost during transit or arrives damaged?

All orders are insured for transport damage & missing parcels. Please inspect the contents of your parcel upon arrival within 48 hours. 

In the unlikely event that your parcel arrives damaged, we will need to lodge a claim with the courier within 48 hours. We will require you to provide a few photo's to show the damaged tube / backdrop as evidence to support the claim.

 Please refer to our Shipping page for more detailed information.

  • Q: Are your backdrops suitable for cake smash & food? Are they easy to clean? What about pets, children and little accidents?

Our backdrops are water resistant, easy to clean & printed using environmentally friendly inks which are odourless & nickel free. Perfect for food, & totally safe for newborns & people.

They can be used for messy cake smash, pie face & paint splat sessions, food & drinks are no problem when used as a table covering, and they are even safe in the event of an accident if your subject is unable to make it to the bathroom!

Simply use a damp cloth to wipe clean. Our smaller backdrops can even be rinsed under the sink and dried off with a hand towel.

Please refer to our Care page for more detailed information.


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