Flowers & Trees

Floral & Tree Backdrops − Hand Painted Flowers & More

Dropz Backdrops offers a wide range of floral and tree photo backdrops to suit all your photography needs. Whether you need a background of an enchanted forest, winter woodland trees or colourful hand painted flowers, we can help you find a gorgeous backdrop that perfectly suits your shoot. We proudly design, print and post all of our backdrops from our Melbourne studio, plus our backdrops with painted flowers and trees are printed on a matte vinyl material for minimal glare. Our floral backdrops are additionally water resistant and easy to clean if any spills occur.

Why You Should Order From Us

If you’re an event stylist, a party planner, an interior decorator or a wedding photographer, our backgrounds are made just for you. Whether you want to design your own or choose one of our existing backdrops featuring roses, fake flowers and green floral designs, our options are sure to meet all of your expectations. Our website contains an unlimited range of designs with painted flowers and trees on them, plus we also have thousands of other options to choose from, including wedding flower wall backdrops and bush inspired designs. Contact us today to learn more about our available paper flower and tree backdrops.
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