Terms and Conditions

Dropz Backdrops Terms & Conditions

Please be advised, that we do not guarantee delivery dates if your order does not arrive within the estimated time provided by the courier for all postage services including express. 
We can only provide you with an estimate, not a guarantee. There are no refunds, returns, or exchanges for deliveries that take longer to arrive than estimated by the courier. 

Please wait for your backdrop order to arrive before scheduling your event.


We are an Australian small business located in  Victoria. Each backdrop is custom made and printed freshly by us. If you are concerned about colour matching eg: you need a particular colour to suit your client or brand, or are concerned about print quality or media quality,  We recommend you order a small sample print in the custom colour or design you need to check first prior to placing an order or you can make an appointment to view our colour samples in person.



  • Delivery times are estimated from the time the courier picks up the parcel from us
  • The courier will NOT deliver to a PO BOX

Order cancellations

  • If you would like to cancel / change your order prior to it being shipped, there will be a 30% restocking fee if we have already printed your order as all backdrops are custom printed based on the size and design that you order. Postage costs will be refunded in full.

    Returns, Refunds & Exchanges

    • If the item arrives damaged as a result of courier transport, please contact us within 24 hours of the item being delivered to organise a replacement.
    • You will need to take photo's of the mailing tube before opening it, and then open it to inspect if there is any damage to the backdrops - if they are damaged, please provide photo's of this also.
    • We only have 24 - 48 hours to raise a claim with the courier and they require us to submit the photo's as evidence. We will lodge a claim on your behalf and ask you to return the backdrops so that we can replace them for you. 
    • Refunds are not given if the item is damaged. The items will be replaced if you contact us within 24 hours of delivery.
    • If the backdrop is faulty and the packaging tube has not been damaged, please contact us within 24 hours of delivery to organise a replacement. Please provide a clear and good quality photograph of the backdrop set up in use so that we can assess the fault correctly. The photographs need to show the entire backdrop laying flat or hung up. 

    • A printed sample swatch of every backdrop design that we sell, is available for you to order if you are concerned about colour or quality and would like to check the design first. You can also order a copy of our entire colour chart. 
    • Custom made orders using your own design, colour or file - or a custom image that we have designed for you, will not be accepted for return as we are unable to re-sell a custom order that is not part of our standard range.
      We recommend that you order a small printed sample to look at and approve first before ordering a larger size.
    • If you receive your order and you don't like it or the color doesn't match what you had in mind, if you order the wrong size, or make an error with your selection, we don’t offer a refund or exchange if you chose not to order a sample print prior to placing a full order.
    • On rare occasions, we may need to cancel & refund the order if your location is outside of the courier delivery zone.

    Color & Print Quality

    • We offer a small sample print for every backdrop design that we sell. Samples are available for you to purchase on each product page. 
    • Our equipment is professionally colour calibrated in line with industry settings and colour matching profiles as recommended by the equipment manufacturer.
    • We use high resolution professional artwork to ensure the best print quality possible using large wide format printers.
    • Backdrop designs are intended for use as a background. To add texture, color, style and enhance / compliment / add value to the look of your overall photograph or display.
    • Our backdrops are not designed to be the "hero" main component of your photograph or intended to be used for close up viewing or inspection. 
    • The colors, appearance & overall perception of the backdrop design will vary on your monitor screen, when looking through the camera, printed as a photograph, & when standing in front of it using your own eyes. They are designed & made with the printed photograph or background in mind as being the preferred outcome of intended purpose and usage.
    • When viewed as a small image on your monitor, the printed backdrop you receive is much larger therefore some of the smaller details in the design, shading, texture, etc that you may not see on our website or your screen will become visible on the printed backdrop
    • Because we cannot control the appearance of colors on a customer's computer monitor, we cannot guarantee that the actual printed colour or design will precisely match any preview as it appears on your monitor, mobile phone or tablet device. No refunds or returns will be given for colour differences or designs that are not as expected as we offer a small sample print of every design we sell, on every product page for you to purchase and check first if you choose to do so.

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