Size Guide

Dropz Backdrops Size Guide


  • You can choose the shape of your backdrop design when you select a size. (W) Width and (L) Length.
  • If you choose a size that does not suit the shape of the design, we will contact you to suggest a more suitable option rather than ruin the backdrop by cropping or stretching it out of shape to fit.

All In One - Combo Floor/Wall designs - When choosing an "all in one" combo design - which has 2 prints on the one backdrop - a wall design & a floor design, the size that you choose is the total size of the backdrop - not the size for each design.   For example - if you choose a 5x7ft all in one design - the wall will be 3.5ft x 5ft and the floor will be 3.5ft x 5ft - joined together it creates a 5x7ft total size.

Newborns & children - 4x5ft, 5x5ft & 5x6ft sizes are most popular for the floor sizes. 5x7ft or larger is best for the wall designs that are hung up.

Floor Strips - 1.2m x 70cm are like long skinny strips if you only need a small backdrop for product/food photography, or to use as a floor drop and cover the carpet, or floor covering to go with your wall backdrop.

Families & adults - 8ft high or larger, as you need a minimum 8ft height if the adult is standing up.

If taking photo's of adults - and you need a full body shot - you will need to order a size that is taller than the adult - allowing extra room if you need them to stand on it to cover the feet and also extra room above the head so you can hang it and not see the stand or clamps.

Wall/Floor combo - 5x7ft & larger are suitable for the all in one designs so you can have the lower half of the design as the floor drop to stand/sit on. 5x7ft is best suited for newborns & toddlers. Taller sizes are required for standing adults or if using props, chairs, etc

The below photo's provide a brief real life size guide example. The child is 7yo & sitting in front of a 5x5 size drop


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