Care & Cleaning

Tips on how to care for your new Dropz Backdrops

  • Use the postal tube provided to store your backdrop when not in use. Store the tube standing up.
  • If you store the tube laying down - you may get a flat side or a dent on the backdrop from where the weight of it has been sitting in the tube
  • Never fold the backdrop and don't use an elastic band to secure it when rolled.
  • Can be layed down on any smooth even flat surface - such as a table, bench, or hard floor.
  • Can be hung up using a backdrop stand, pinned to a wall or board, clamped to a pole, etc.
  • You can walk and sit on the drops, or place props on top of them when they are laying out flat on a hard even surface floor.
  • Creases, wrinkles or curled edges may be caused from improper use / storage of our backdrop. If this does occur as a result of poor care, you can try laying it flat or hanging it up for 1-2 days or by applying gentle low heat with a hair dryer - wave the hair dryer from a distance as it doesn't need much, don't hold it in the one spot.  Hopefully you won't need to do this if you look after your backdrop & keep it stored in the tube provided.

Cake Smash, Food , Paint & Spills

  • Our backdrops are made using a thick matte vinyl
  • They are water resistant, and can be easily wiped clean with a damp cloth, water, and a mild detergent or domestic kitchen spray
  • They can be used for cake smash / paint splat sessions, in restaurants and cafe's, even as a placemat & table covering - however some commercial food colourings or dyes may stain the backdrop - test a small area first to check. 
  • We have tested these using a variety of household food colorings, bakery dyes, common foods, etc. 99% of the time the backdrop is easily wiped clean. 
  • Food spills, milk, dried up pasta sauce, etc - not a problem - simply wipe clean. 


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