Plain Solid Color

Photography Backdrops in Solid Colours

Dropz Backdrops offers a wide range of backdrops in solid colours to suit all your photography needs. Whether you need a gray plain coloured background for a professional headshot or a plain cream background for a newborn shoot, our team can help you find the perfect background that’s best suited to your needs. Our plain color backdrops are printed on a matte vinyl material that’s designed and manufactured to ensure minimal glare and reflections when taking photos and videos, crease and wrinkle free, won’t rip or tear making our options a superior choice to disposable seamless paper backdrops that come in limited colours. Our vinyl photograph background material is also water resistant and easy to clean, ensuring you won’t have to worry about any accidental spills.

Why Buy Plain Colour Backgrounds from Us?

Dropz Backdrops is proud to be Australian owned, which means our entire range of photograph backgrounds are printed onsite in our Melbourne studio. Regardless of which plain colour backdrop you choose, you can rest assured you’ll receive the exact colour you need. We offer a simple colour picker tool that allows you to choose your own colour or use a colour code. With a licensed Pantone colour matching system within our printer software, we’re able to accurately print Pantone colours. Additionally, our premium vinyl backdrops in plain colours are printed up to 3.2 metres wide with a 700gsm thickness, then rolled and posted in a thick heavy duty mailing tube. We also offer same-day pick-up and fast despatch.

Whether you want a plain grey background, a plain cream background or other solid colors such as black, white or green, browse the range available at Dropz Backdrops today.