Display Stands & Wall Mounting

How do I hang or display my Dropz Backdrops

There are so many uses for our Backdrops and we are often asked this question

Here are some handy idea's to help you decide on the right option to suit your needs


  • Photography backdrop stands are the preferred choice for regular use of your backdrop.
  • They are portable, fast and easy to assemble & usually come in a handy carry bag. You can extend/adjust them to various sizes too.
  • You can purchase a quality stand & clamps from camera store retailers, or pick up an inexpensive kit from ebay. 
  • You can add a pole pocket to your backdrop so that you can easily slide a pole through the opening & hang your backdrop - a pole pocket is used instead of clamps or large pegs.
  • Simply use a strong double sided tape from your local hardware store and apply a strip along the top edge on the reverse side of your backdrop. Check that your loop is wide enough for your pole to slide through, then fold the top edge down and press firmly to form a loop.

Photographic Studio Stand   Wooden Pole & Wall Hooks      Retractable Wall Mount 



If you have a smaller space and not enough room for a full sized backdrop stand, you can purchase inexpensive fittings from your local hardware store. 

For those who require a portable or temporary option, you can simply use a length of pole and some clamps, strong thumb tacks / pins, double sided velcro, hang with rope.

Curtain rods, wooden poles, and pvc plumbing pipes are all great idea's for a pole.

How about a retractable wall mounting solution? You can even use a curtain or window blind fitting to store & hang you new Dropz Backdrops.

If you are displaying your backdrop at a hired venue, hall or function room it is worth contacting the venue to ask if they have a stand you can use or another suitable option.

These are just a few idea's to guide you. We hope that you have found this page useful.

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