Cake Smash

Cool Backgrounds for Cake Smash Cake Photography

Dropz Backdrops is proud to offer an extensive range of backgrounds to suit photography sessions for 1st birthday smash cakes. But what is a cake smash? A cake smash is where a child smashes a cake in front of a photographer, who captures the moment of pure joy and delight. Cake smashes are usually done before a child’s first birthday party, and the images from the session are used for the child’s party invites.

At Dropz Backdrops, we believe cake smash cakes are the perfect way to celebrate and remember your child’s first year of being born. We’re dedicated to providing custom boys’ and girls’ cake smash backdrops that are printed onsite, with fast delivery and pick up available.

Our Cake Smash Photography Backgrounds

Whether you’re looking for a backdrop for your child’s cake smash 1st birthday celebration or you want a rainbow cake smash background for a girl’s party, Dropz Backdrops can help you with all your needs. Our friendly team is more than happy to fulfil any requests based on your budget and theme. Our backdrops are printed on a matte vinyl material that we’ve carefully designed and manufactured, ensuring there’s zero glare or reflection when using a camera flash or studio lighting.

The inks that we use are “Greenguard Gold Certified” which means they are environmentally friendly and don’t contain any nasty chemicals. Our backdrops and the ink used are totally safe for your child as well as safe to use with food.

To learn more about our cake smash cake backgrounds, contact us today.