About Us at Dropz Backdrops

All of our backdrops & backgrounds are freshly printed & posted from the one location in our Melbourne based studio.
  • We are an Australian family owned & operated digital photographic printing & design company.
  • Founded in 2002, our business Custom Print Digital was launched within the photographic & signwriting industry creating customised products to suit both private & commercial businesses and home based photographic backdrop studio's.
  • More than 10 years later we have combined our inherited passion for photography and expanded our business to include a huge range of custom made backdrops. 
  • Dropz Backdrops consist of a talented team of family members who specialise in customer service, graphic design, product design & photography, studio lighting, book publishing & illustration, digital print and retail signage solutions, hand crafted fabrics, arts & crafts, hand painted backdrop design + much more. 
  • We are a very creative family and love what we do. It's more than just a job to us, it's our hobby, our life and what we enjoy doing everyday, we are very lucky to be able to combine all of our skills and work together this way.
  • We have a huge passion for photography, custom design, and anything creative which stems back through the generations of our family.
  • At Dropz Backdrops, we love to create new & innovative products & help turn your ideas into a reality.


Meet the Dropz Backdrops Staff

Natalie is known as the queen of innovation and her head is always bursting at the seams with new ideas and concepts that are waiting to be brought to life. 

All backdrops must pass the "mum" test - Natalie has 3 young children to photograph and help her test out the new designs,

She has an extensive corporate background with 23 years of experience in product development & design, customer service & retail, business communications & marketing, product photography, signwriting and graphic design, digital print and just about anything else creative! 

Previously working behind the scenes for large corporate companies such as Coles Group, Wesfarmers, Officeworks, Woolworths & Custom Print Digital

She loves to talk with our customers and meet new people, so give her a call at Dropz Backdrops if you need any help as she will certainly be able to assist you with just about anything! 



Joanne is a qualified graphic designer, signwriter & mixed media artist. She is also a country girl, who grew up on a beautiful farm in Echuca.

Jo loves to hand paint a lot of our beautiful portrait designs that we photograph in our studio and then print onto backdrops. Some of the work that goes into these designs takes weeks to complete. 

Jo will make anything out of anything!!  Sculpting, painting, sketching, drawing, portraits, cartoons, illustration, pottery, painting, murals, wall art, etc. 

She has also worked on set designs & production for channel 9 WIN TV, & has published over 20 story books that she wrote and illustrated with her children to support the dyslexia foundation. She also manages her own creative arts business called Artsmiles

Stay tuned to see what amazing new props she has been sculpting & working on and check out our range of amazing unique photo backgrounds and Dropz Backdrops that have been hand painted by Jo. You can view them here - Perfect Portrait Studio Backgrounds.

“Jo from Dropz Backdrops”

Alan is an "old school" film photographer and electrician by trade before his recent retirement. Beginning his passion for photography back in the day of film when nothing digital existed! He enjoys the more traditional type of photography and develops his own film in a purpose built dark room which is a rare sight these days!  

He is a studio lighting technician and the master of hiding all of those annoying wires & cables that we tend to have all over our Dropz Backdrops studio's!

“Bonny from Dropz Backdrops”


Bonny is our craft, textile & sewing expert. Anything related to arts & crafts is the hobby for her! She creates some of the beautiful hand made 3d designs that we offer on our printed backdrops. Hours of work goes into the design for these and they are definitely one of a kind and made with love. 

“Bonny from Dropz Backdrops”

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At Dropz Backdrops, we design it, print it and post it. We look forward to working with you.

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