Tips for Selecting Backdrops While Working from Home

Useful Tips for Selecting Backdrops for Working from Home

Here at Dropz Backdrops, we’re doing everything in our power to continue providing you with the highest quality photographic backdrops while also responding responsibly to the coronavirus situation. That’s why we’ve made the decision to remain open and fully operational for online orders only.

What does this mean for Dropz Backdrops and our clients? This means that our administration office and public showroom will be temporarily closed, with all administration staff working from home. However, we are still able to print and post backdrops daily from our private Melbourne facility, as we are a family owned business. While we cannot guarantee exact delivery dates in the current climate, we are still able to deliver.

Tips on Selecting Digital Backdrops for Zoom or Other Software

In the meantime, as many employees are transitioning to a work from home situation, we’d like to offer some tips on a subject that can have a dramatic effect on how you’re perceived professionally in these current times. Your choice of Zoom or other conferencing software backdrop is vital to the kind of image you portray when working from home. Here are some tips for doing it well and selecting the right kind of backdrop.

Choose Something Conservative

Not everyone will have the same tastes as you. Perhaps you like wild colours or intricate patterns that are quite loud. It’s unwise to choose backgrounds like these for professional purposes, as they can be very distracting when you’re on a video call. Select a background that doesn’t compete with your face for attention, as you’re meant to be the primary focus of the call when people are trying to interact with you online.

Consider People’s Reactions

Different people and different contexts call for different kinds of digital backgrounds. A fun online party with your friends will require quite a contrasting background to one that supports a professional meeting with your boss or a potential client. Consider the audience of your call and their potential reaction to your background – what does it say about you?

Be Tasteful

When in doubt, always err on the side of caution when selecting a digital background for Zoom or other conferencing software. Try to choose something that is tasteful to most people and isn’t distracting, hypnotic, intricate or loud colour-wise. Something soft, subtle and conventional is usually best and will have you looking the most professional as you work from home.

For All Your Backdrop Needs, Shop Online with Dropz Backdrops

Even through the coronavirus, we’re still here and operational to cater to your need for professional backdrops via our online ordering and delivery system. Our team is happy to help if you have any questions about backdrops.
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