Photo Background: Pro BBF secrets exposed

How do you fix it? Think: Photo Background 

We have all been there at some point, starting our own unique photographic journey into the unknown. For some it's a career and others a hobby but we all have one thing in common - we can't control the weather, so let’s talk about some great ways to use a photo background instead on those not so perfect rainy days.

You may be thinking " What is a photo background “?

In case you aren't quite sure, we are here to answer that for you and share the secrets of the BBF directly from the pro's.

We recently went on a road trip to The Prop Fair in Melbourne. We asked many different photographers this exact question in order to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the hype & mystery about the ideal photo background.

Ok, so here we go. A short list of explanations by various Melbourne based photographers.

  • It's the power behind every picture and I personally can't live without my photo BBF. Everybody should have at least one photo background best friend in their stash or you could be like me and have more than 20 to choose from. 
  • A digitally printed or hand-made scenic background design that you can hang on the wall behind your subject, clamp to a studio stand / frame, or lay flat on the floor - like wooden planks or floorboards.
  • A combination of props and accessories combined with a printed photo background that you set up as a display to create a decorative scene / theme.
  • A digital computer file that you use with editing software to replace the background in your photo with a faux picture of a more pleasing design.
  • The background scene in your printed photograph - eg:  what you can see behind the subject in the photo.

Here are a couple of examples of a printed photo background in use.

The first photo is a behind the scenes style of pull back shot, demonstrating the studio set up using the printed photo background.

This was photographed at The Prop Fair in Melbourne.

Before: Printed scenic photo background shown behind subject

Studio photo background pull back  

After: Printed photo background in the final photograph

Photo Background After

 As you can see, the use of a photo background can really improve the overall style & feel of the indoor portrait, especially if you want to add vibrant colors by matching your photo background with co-ordinating accessories and outfits.

There is nothing more disappointing than taking an amazing photo of somebody, only to notice later on that the background behind the subject is full of clutter or unwanted distracting items. This is quite often one of the most important things a photographer should be aware of when composing their photo.

Improve your photography using a photo background

You can use editing software to replace the background with another image or manually clone out any interfering objects - both of these options can be very time consuming but also an important lesson will be learnt - try to get into the habit of looking at the background before composing and taking your photo as it will save you a heap of time when it comes to the editing process.

It is much faster and easier to re-position your subject or re-frame your shot to ensure that your background is clutter free when you take the photo, rather than try to fix it later.

And for those who are fortunate enough to have their own photography studio, there are many different kinds of printed scenes to feast your eyes upon.  We have a huge range of photo backgrounds to choose from and you can even design your own or use your own photo.

We have hand painted flowers, beautiful birds and butterflies, pretty patterns and bokeh light and glitterred carpet celebrity style, chroma key green screen, wooden flooring, photo booth displays, cakedrops and so many others to choose from.

These designs will work for portraits as well as group shots, newborn baby and children, sitters, children’s parties, event party planner, fantasy fairy photo's, landscapes, maternity and pregnancy, couples and weddings, pretty sky replacements, cake decorating and so much more - simply choose the most appealing photo background design to suit your needs or compliment your theme.

We also offer personalised custom made photo background designs - supply your own photo / file to be printed, or contact us today and let our team come up with something original and unique.

If you would love to see some more examples of our photo backgrounds in use, return to the home page and browse through our customer photo background gallery, guaranteed to give your mojo a boost and inspire you to find the perfect photo background.

Faux pool photo background

 Photo background pool

Painted portrait photo background

Painted portrait photo background

Outdoor apple orchard photo background

Apple orchard photo background

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