Updated November 2020

**Please wait for your backdrops to arrive before scheduling your photography session, event or required date as we are unable to guarantee delivery dates at this time of year.

With the recent declaration of State Emergency in Australia and World Wide pandemic, Dropz Backdrops are informing all of our customers that we are open and fully operational for online orders only.

Covid and Xmas are resulting in increased parcels circulating around the country which place additional demands on all courier's and delivery services and delays are to be expected at this time of year.


Our workload changes each day and we can't guarantee how long it will take for us to print your order as it depends on how many orders we receive. 

Some orders are sent within 1 day, others could take up to a week or more - depending on the size and qty of the order. 

Whilst our couriers continue to operate, we can not guarantee delivery dates or courier pick up dates at this time.

The notifications you receive via email at the time we book the courier to collect your parcel from us are estimates only.

If you require your order by a certain date, we can not guarantee it will arrive by that date due to any unforeseen courier delays that may arise which are out of our control.

Once your order has been printed, no refunds or exchanges will be given as each order is custom made. 

Cancellations or changes to an order can only be made if we have not yet printed your order.

Custom or personalised designs may require additional time to complete with our designer.

As the Covid-19 situation is changing on a daily basis, we cannot guarantee delivery dates. We will update this message and advise if there are any major delays or changes from our couriers as per the information being provided to us.

Orders will continue to be printed and posted from our private Melbourne facility during standard business days/hours.

As a precaution, please wait until you have received your backdrops before scheduling your event as we can't guarantee delivery times.

Thank you,

Dropz Backdrops Australia.